Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Awesome 400d hack!

Will give you:
  • Additional ISO Values
  • Spot Metering
  • New Focus Frame pattern
  • Factory Menu
  • View shutter actuation count

You'll love the additional ISO values. You can select from ISO 16 to ISO 3200 in 0.3 or 1.0 EV increments. Even Canon top end model like Canon EOS 1D series cannot go that low ISO. But the low ISO 16 is barely usable. Besides, the new focus frame pattern is even most advanced than Canon latest best 1.6x crop camera ~ Canon EOS 7D. You can play around all the custom AF points that you want. By the way, many of us have been complaining the useless of print button. However, with this hack. The print button becomes the hero. You will need it to select all the new features.

Interested with this Canon EOS 400D firmware hack? Head to 400D CHDK Wiki to get more info.

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